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Not many people had such a profound effect on me like Simon Sinek had. His optimism and positive energy are literally infections. He himself is a leader in his field and managed to build an army of followers.


How to be the best possible leader is what he answers.

"Leadership is not about being in charge but taking care of those you are in charge"

“It doesn't come with position but is part of one character.

It is "not a position to attained but service to be given".

"Leaders give us a chance to try and fail then they give another chance to try to succeed".

Leaders by leading us toward the vision make us work together as a team and not only together in one place. Being a leader is like being a parent. You care for those following you. Other will follow you as they believe in you, trust you and not fear you.

 “A boss has a tittle a leader has the people".

"When we tell people to do their jobs, we get workers. When we trust people to get the job done, we get leaders".

“Leaders appeals to people's hearts not minds”. Become the beacon of light for others to follow.


By taking on leadership role you show your engagement.

A study by Professor Katie Truss and Kingston Business School for CIPD in 2006  found that only three in ten of UK employees were actively engaged with their work, findings echoed by a YouGov survey for the TUC in 2008  which means if you are engaged and what's more engage others you are already better than 7 out of 10 employees.

The more engaged you are the higher chances you will be soon appreciated and who knows maybe even promoted.

The last thing any company needs is employees who complain. We need those who contribute.

You can always become and be a leader. You don't need title for that purpose.


How to step up? Well….

You can help younger colleagues at work by mentoring them, you can help new colleagues who recently joined by steering in the right direction. You can help other employees, departments by participating in projects outside of your immediate responsibilities.


Lead by displaying traits like maturity, compassion, loyalty. Appeal to heart, emotions, and positivity. Lead by example.

Build trust and empathy. Empathy is not a God's given skill; it's a muscle that can be practiced. Create environment where people feel safe, appreciated for who they are, where they can display their true colours without being judged or punished. That’s the ultimate goal of inclusivity and diversity which we value so much.


If your colleagues, employees feel you care for them they will care back and follow you with trust.  


Authenticity is more than speaking. Authenticity is also about doing. Every decision we make says something about who we are.

Great leaders are idealists. They are optimists. They overestimate what we are capable of and inspire us to believe the same.


Remember people don’t love us for what we do they love us for who we are.


Don’t wait, become a leader now. There are definitely opportunities in your current organization to step up and become a leader.


Let me help you in discovering them.

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