It is not the best employees who get bigger jobs but those who get there first

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It is not the best employees who get the job but those who get to open/ higher position first!

When studying for my certificate the career model that imprinted in my mind most was one saying that corporate always win. Employees who take part in the competition for higher position release equal amount of energy through their hard work, yet only one gets the benefit of promotion. Due to energy released by all contestants corporate is always winning.


It reminds me of a race and you know what that is the reality.


It is not the best who gets the job, obviously you have to be good in what you do, but it is the one who knows how to position him well in face of opportunity.


The easiest and quickest way to secure promotion is corporate or team restructure. If one survives the redundancy cuts usually you are better off than at the beginning of the process.

If you know or suspect that there will be promotions along the way, it is time for you to act. Get close to you manager who makes decisions and if you can to your manager's boss. It is not your manager who holds the budget but usually his level up. Manager is responsible for putting you forward. Managers can make you or break you. That’s what I believe.  So if supervisors of your manager know you and appreciate you it is better for you as you would be considered for opportunities.

Don't moan or complain during restructure process and show you are willing to do more but taking part in projects that could lift your profile you up. Stay energised and positive at all cost, otherwise you will be in danger of not making the cut. Business as usual activities doesn’t secure increases but fabulous projects you take part in. Stretch yourself do extra and learn, show willingness and foremost communicate that you are willing to take more in newly created positions. Talk to your manager let him/her know you are interested in new more demanding duties. If you feel you are fit for the new position aligns yourself to it, start showing skills that would be used by the new position. If there is more demanding role you could do, communicate you are willing to take it. Those exactly positions are less to be cut in the future so you would win more job security for years to come. Remember positions come first then salary increase so don't get frustrated when you will be first required to work on it and only after some time rewarded for. Be nice, be likeable, create stakeholder matrix and prepare strategy of managing those who are not in your favour (how can you win them over), those that are already supporting you, those that are your important clients and can give you necessary endorsement. I know that people don’t like change but be excited, with every change there is an amazing opportunity for you. Have your eyes and ears open and start aligning.


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