Recipe for Success by Karren Brady

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If you live in the UK and watch TV you definitely know Karren Brady. She is one of the judges in “The Apprentice” and is known for being the “First Lady of football”. She is a vice chairman of West Ham United and sits on the board of Simon Cowell’s Syco company. Karren in the age of 23 became the youngest managing director of a UK plc. managing Birmingham City football club and lifted it from bankruptcy to a blueprint on how to run a football club. I met her over six months ago and was taken by her wit, easy going personality and sense of humour. She was nothing like her unapproachable, strict “Apprentice” persona.  

Karren’s success over the years has been born of passion, vision and ambition, but realised through determination, hard work, and a clear set of rules consistently applied in every aspect of her life and career. I believe this might be the ultimate recipe for everyone’s success and that is why I am so eager to share that with you as it resonates with me deeply.

Relentlessness to achieve a goal is the single most important reason for success. It takes self-discipline and energy, and you won’t meet anyone successful who don't have them both. It’s like a muscle, you can train your ability to work hard.

In order to push yourself, you have to really want it. If you don’t, you’ll not be able to gather the energy when you need to. So pick a career of your dreams.  Work hard and persistently, it is a quality very few have.

Confidence. lack of confidence can be an issue for a lot of people. The best advice one can give you if you feel you don’t have the confidence to do something is to ask yourself, what have I got to lose?    ‘

Ambition: Ambition is the driver that pushes you to be successful. Ambition is about commitment to what you have decided to achieve, then working out how you can realistically get there.

Positive attitude and enthusiasm if you don't like something change it but if it is not in your power to change it then change your attitude to it, it’s the only way.

One has to be solution oriented. It’s funny how everyone I meet tells me the same thing. You have to have ideas, you need to know how to implement them and know how to take a step to improving any situation. Don’t think about problems as problems, think about them as situations. If you think about problems as situations it removes the negativity from this word making it less heavy and easier to resolve. Believe in yourself, and make others believe in you and your ideas.

Efficiency is a must especially when you have commitments outside of work like the family. If you have a family and a career you’ll need to learn about it. You’ve got to be able to get your work done in order to leave with a sense of accomplishment each day. Organisation is the key. When you are in the office, work relentlessly. Don't surf the Internet, or waste time. Dealing with things immediately as they come is a skill you can learn. If someone emails you, read it and answer it straight away if possible. If you receive a lot of emails a day and need to work on deliverables work on emails in chunks and offline. That way you will be able to concentrate and clear emails without constantly looking at new ones coming. If you don’t finish work but would like to leave on time, leave office to be with you children and then when they go to sleep finish up outstanding job. Staying in the office when something else occupies your mind is not going to do any good.

Confidence and courage also go hand in hand. No-one ever achieved anything without the self-belief and bravery to take a risk. You only get one life, one career, and one shot at winning. Don’t regret not pursuing your dreams and trying harder.’

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