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3 years ago   -   Posted by Rafal Muchowicz in Development

Stretch yourself, continuously learn and do extra to gain respect of your supervisors and get visibility of people making decisions about you and your future.  This is one of the most important lessons life has taught me in a corporate world. If you want promotion, progression, salary increase you have to prove you are worth it first by showing ambitions, dedication, hard work and skills before asking for increases. During reorganisations it is not usually the position title and salary increase that come first but duties and tasks that are assigned to a person. Only after employee proves s/he is worthy and skilful salary increase will follow. So don't get frustrated or feel used, it is simply how corporations work. I knew many people who had to do the job for over a year first in order to be finally and officially recognised. So don't get upset and when occasion comes prove you are willing to take extra on your shoulders.

"Rubber bands are useful only when they are stretched". The same applies to people. The moment you stop growing, developing, learning, challenging yourself and delivering excellent services and products you become irrelevant to organisation. Our greatest value shows when we are stretched that's when we reach our potential.

Don't settle for average in life, no one admires average. Do you? Organisations don't promote and reward average. We must be aware of the gap that stands between ourselves and our potential and through actions and learning minimise this gap.

You will only reach your potential if you push yourself outside your comfort zone. Measure what you are doing against what you are capable of.

Compete only with yourself and never others. Your life should be about becoming better each day not becoming better than your colleagues. Competing against yourself is nothing short of positive; competing against each other will exhaust you. All the scheming, never ending comparing will remove joy from your work and life eventually.

Learn to solve problems not only finding them. We are all paid to help our managers; no one likes a person who adds to their plate. When you find an issue come with solutions, few options are best so that supervisors could choose from. Solution orientation will also make you more strategic and equip you with skills and knowledge to take over from them one day. You will prove you are ready to step up into more strategic role. Successful people set themselves apart because they initiate improvement others need.

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